Single Wing - Base Formation

Single Wing Football Offense Base Formation

The Single Wing Football Offense

The Single Wing offense has been around since the 1920's and has recently seen a resurgence because of the confusion it causes opposing defenses at the youth level. It is an unbalanced formation with a Guard and Tackle to one side and double Tight-ends on the other. Note, some coaches describe the formation as a Guard and End on one side, with two Tackles and an End on the other.

It is important to note (as with most unbalanced formations) that the hole to the right of the Center is the "0" (zero) hole instead of the "2" hole as it is referenced in most balanced formations. This is because play calling for the 8 hole (as in the 18 Sweep) is less confusing than calling the 10 hole (which would be the 110 Sweep).

The backfield consists of 4 backs. The Halfback is the 1 back, the QB is the 2 back, the Fullback is the 3 back and the Wingback is the 4 back.

For a comprehensive look at the Single Wing offense for youth football, I recommend visiting Winning Youth Football by Dave Cisar.

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